Saturday, June 13, 2015

5 Things You Should Do Before Any Media Interview

Let’s say you have a media interview tomorrow, or in the next hour, it doesn’t matter.  Regardless of the window of time, these are the five things you should do to the best extent possible before any media interview.

#1 – Read or watch the journalist’s previous reporting.  Make sure you know the way this particular reporter likes to approach stories, ask questions and follow through.

#2 – Prepare a list of questions you may be asked.  And add a few questions you may not want to be asked.  Prepare for how you will respond to each.

#3 – Develop a short list of the key messages you should deliver.  These aren’t just things you want to say, but things you should say to make the best case for your organization on the topic at hand.

#4 – Think about who the audience is that will read and/or watch the final report.  You need to prepare your responses with them in mind.

#5 – Choose a location for the interview that reinforces your message.  If you’re talking about roads, do the interview with the type of road you are discussing in the background.

Those are five quick tips on things you should do before any interview.  Of course, there are many other measures you can take, but even if you only have an hour to prepare, you can cover these steps.

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