Monday, March 11, 2013

A Shooting Star

One of the most avid readers of this blog was a good friend of mine who not infrequently sent me notes after she read it, providing additional insights or just sending positive reinforcement.

There have been times that I alluded to her in blog posts about projects where she and I worked together.  One time, I wrote a whole blog post about my own need to send “thank you” notes more often, and without mentioning my friend’s name, I described her habits in this area as something I sought to emulate.

Not surprisingly, she followed up with a “thank you” for noticing her good habits, and for not mentioning her by name. 

My friend was a very accomplished PR person.  She and I worked together on crises and major projects. We shared many a laugh with associates and with our families as well.  And in every situation – every situation – she never lost her even keel.

Always gracious, always polite, always very smart and always a model of class.  She was how we all would like to be, good at what she did and good at making it all look easy.

This morning we got the news that Debbie left us after a long battle with breast cancer.  She will be missed, but her impact will continue to be felt by those she touched.   

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