Friday, December 23, 2011

When You're Hard to Buy For

“You’re hard to buy for,” it’s a line I started to hear for the first time this season from family trying to figure out what I might want or need for Christmas.  Since I said it enough times to my own parents I know what is behind it.

It means that the things I want you can’t buy or you can’t afford. 

I’ve seen those luxury car commercials during the holiday season that show beautiful young couples buying each other cars that cost more than my first house, all wrapped up in a red bow on a snowy Christmas morning.  These cars are so special you can’t just buy them during a Holiday Sale but rather a “Winter Event.” 

Someday, maybe I will wake up to a new Mercedes with an oversized red bow on it, but that day won’t come on this weekend.

“You’re hard to buy for,” my wife told me just a few days ago, and I know what she means.

Over the years, if I’ve wanted something, I bought it myself when I thought I needed it.  If I didn’t think I needed it, I didn’t buy and never asked for it.  I’ve never seen the need to drop hints in the months leading up to Christmas and then wait for it.

I’m not much of a collector.  I don’t wear jewelry, and whatever big boy toys I’ve wanted over the years, I already have by now.  But I do know what I really want and I’ve already compiled my list on bended knee and mailed it to Santa.  Here are a few items on their way to the North Pole right now:

·         I’d like the people I know who’ve struggled with health problems in 2011 to have a healthy and happy 2012.
·         I’d like to find new ways to spend more time with my family.  This is something that’s been on my list for as long as I can remember and it never gets old even when I get my wish.
·         I’d like to see my kids continue to find their way as best as they can, support them when need be, and be there when they see the fruits of their labors.
·         I’d like new socks.
·         I’d like to be able to continue to work with the many good friends I’ve made over the course of my career, which is the best thing about doing what I do.
·         I’d like Hershey’s chocolate in my stocking.
·         I’d like to read the newspaper, go online or watch TV one of these days and see more truth and less agenda.
·         I’d like to see more football.
·         I’d like to spend more time with friends old and new.
·         I’d like a nice warm day on March 17th, the day of the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
·         I’d like to get more use out of that treadmill we bought last year.

But most of all, I’d like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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