Saturday, January 15, 2011

Simplifying the Public Relations Process

I’ve waited quite a while to start a blog mostly because I didn’t want to start one without knowing this blog could add something to the ongoing dialogue on communications.

As time has gone by, a pattern has emerged at O’Brien Communications, where one common denominator seems to drive all client need, which is in a word – simplification. No matter what their specific communications challenges, it seems that all clients want their communicators to simplify the process, simplify the message and get results.

The field of public relations has become a huge umbrella for disciplines that resemble a management consultant portfolio: Crisis Communications, Issues Management, Reputation Management, Change Management, Business to Business Marketing, Professional Services Marketing, Employee Communications, Media Relations, Community Relations, Communications Training and Media Interview Coaching. And these are just a few.

In each of these disciplines, we have created systems and approaches to help clients become best engaged in the process from planning through execution. What I’ve noticed, however, is that the process, the jargon and the acronyms can at times get in the way of the fundamental effort to deliver a clear message to a targeted audience effectively.

Other times, the distractions are external. Businesses and organizations must communicate in an environment at times in competition with the general media, social media, and rumors and speculation at the grassroots level.

This blog will weigh in on a range of topics tied to communications, some timeless and some current, but at the core of each post will be an effort to simplify the communications process. But its potential rests in the quality of its conversation with you.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

Tim O'Brien is Owner of O'Brien Communications

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